Nutrition, Health, And Healing

Functional Ingredients Aloe Bioactives

Key Marketing Concepts

Aloe Vera Applications

Aloe Queen has over 25 years experience in working to bring our customers the highest quality Aloe Vera raw materials. Here are a few Aloe Vera Atributes and Product Positioning.


Aloe Food and Beverages

Aloe Drinks | Aloe Dairy


Health and Wellbeing

Aloe Nutraceuticals and Functional Products | Aloe Vera as Carrier and Excipient | Aloe Vera Sport Nutrition | Aloe Vera for Healthy Ageing | Aloe Nutraceuticals for Pets


Aloe Cosmetics

Aloe Body Care | Aloe Facial Care | Aloe Hair Care


Aloe Personal Care

Aloe Non Woven | Aloe Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues | Aloe Wet Wipes | Aloe Home Care | Aloe Oral Care


Aloe Animal Nutrition & Veterinary Care

Aloe Animal Feed | Aloe Pet Care | Aloe Horses Care & Inmune System

Company Certifications

We work closely and carefully with all our Certifiers to ensure that we meet all our customers needs.

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